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Our approach through CareerMap is ahead of the habitual method of career counselling. CareerMap uses a psychometric assessment which helps the individuals to extrapolate (record and analyze) information about themselves based on psychological and behavioral characteristics so as to evaluate their capabilities and interests in a certain sphere.

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Get best career recommendations with AI based career counselling according to your interest and suitability.




Take the assessment and identify your top interest areas on the occupational theme.


Report Generation


A detailed report is prepared based on your choices unveiling your top interest types.


Career Recommendation


Based on the CareerMap report, counselors guide the individuals and help them choose their ideal career.

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Discover your true potential and all of the options you have after high school. Then see which path is right for you.

Unsure about what to do after college? See the range of careers you can pursue with your interests, personality, and education.

Be your best self at work. Learn what makes you unique and how well-suited you are to your past, current, and future career choices.

Looking to make a career change? Thinking about going back to school? CareerMap will point you in the right direction.

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Dodge all sorts of career skepticism and plan a successful lifelong career suitable for you.


Felt careermap helped in making better decision for their career.


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People have successfully opted a career change and have excelled.


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Frequently asked questions

Seasoned career counseling is often sketched out on the basis of an assessment test report which helps analyse the interests and sometimes an unobscured talent or passion of the person. After an apt contemplation, the expert counselors recommend the most suitable career alternatives canvassing the various factors such as goals, job market etc.

Career counselling lends a helping hand to people who are crippling in their career and are in a dire need of a new approach towards picking the right career alternative. It also helps students and professionals to acknowledge their career opportunities & options available.

Any student or professional who is either struggling to choose the right stream or looking for a career change needs a career counselling and can easily get one online these days.

Counsellors are experts who gauge a person's aptitude , interest and other aspects of his/her personality. They help their clients to pioneer the right career as well as locate resources to fortify their skills for a desired job.

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Get best career recommendations with AI based career counselling according to your interest and suitability.